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Jingqian WANG, Xinming GAO, Xuebin ZHENG, Chen DU, Congcong HOU, Qingping XIE, Bao LOU, Feng LIU, Shan JIN, Junquan ZHU. Evidence for the role of KIF17 in fish spermatid reshaping: expression pattern of KIF17 in Larimichthys polyactis spermiogenesis[J]. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2021, 39(6): 2322-2335

Evidence for the role of KIF17 in fish spermatid reshaping: expression pattern of KIF17 in Larimichthys polyactis spermiogenesis

Jingqian WANG1, Xinming GAO1, Xuebin ZHENG1, Chen DU1, Congcong HOU1, Qingping XIE2, Bao LOU2, Feng LIU2, Shan JIN1, Junquan ZHU1
1 Key Laboratory of Applied Marine Biotechnology by the Ministry of Education, School of Marine Sciences, Ningbo University, Ningbo 315211, China;
2 Zhejiang Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Hangzhou 310021, China
The homodimeric kinesin-2 protein KIF17 functions in intracellular transport and spermiogenesis in mammals. However, its role in fish spermiogenesis has not been reported. Here, we aimed to clone full-length kif17 cDNA and determine the molecular characteristics and expression patterns of KIF17 in Larimichthys polyactis spermiogenesis. The full-length cDNA of L. polyactis kif17 (Lp-kif17) was sequenced and found to contain a 332-bp 5' untranslated region, 480-bp 3' untranslated region, and 2 433-bp open reading frame encoding 810 amino acids. Bioinformatics analyses showed that L. polyactis KIF17 (Lp-KIF17) shared high sequence similarity with homologs in other animals and possessed an N-terminal motor domain with microtubule-binding sites and adenosine triphosphate (ATP) hydrolysis sites, a stalk domain containing two coiled-coil regions, and a C-terminal tail domain. The Lp-kif17 mRNA was widely expressed in various tissues, with the highest level in the brain, followed by that in the testis. Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) analysis revealed that Lp-kif17 was continuously expressed in spermiogenesis, showing that it had potential functions in this process. Using immunofluorescence (IF) analysis, we found that Lp-KIF17 colocalized with tubulin and was transferred from the perinuclear cytoplasm to the side of spermatid where the tail forms during spermiogenesis. These findings suggested that KIF17 is involved in L. polyactis spermiogenesis. In particular, it may participate in nuclear shaping and tail formation by interacting with perinuclear microtubules during spermatid reshaping. In addition to providing evidence for the role of KIF17 in fish spermatid reshaping, this study provides important data for studies of reproductive biology in L. polyactis.
Key words:    KIF17|spermiogenesis|Larimichthys polyactis|spermatid reshaping   
Received: 2020-08-23   Revised: 2020-10-27
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