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Kunpeng FANG, Fangru NAN, Jia FENG, Junping L�, Qi LIU, Xudong LIU, Shulian XIE. Virescentia guangxiensis (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta): a new freshwater red algal species from South China[J]. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2021, 39(4): 1538-1546

Virescentia guangxiensis (Batrachospermales, Rhodophyta): a new freshwater red algal species from South China

Kunpeng FANG, Fangru NAN, Jia FENG, Junping L�, Qi LIU, Xudong LIU, Shulian XIE
School of Life Science, Shanxi Key Laboratory for Research and Development of Regional Plants, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006, China
Virescentia guangxiensis, a new species of Virescentia from Guangxi, South China, is described and illustrated based on morphological observations and phylogenetic analysis. This species was distinguished morphologically from other species by the presence of special expansion cells with a variable shape, obovoid, spherical, pear-shaped, located in the penultimate cells of primary or secondary fascicles, rarely terminal on primary fascicles, as well as by small whorls (250-350-μm wide) and short primary fascicles (5-7 cell stories). Phylogenetic analysis of molecular data from the rbcL and COI-5P loci supported the separation of the proposed new species from other species in the genus Virescentia. This is the first species of the order Batrachospermales reported in Guangxi and the second species of the genus Virescentia reported in China. This study expands the known species diversity and geographical distribution of freshwater Rhodophyta in China.
Key words:    Virescentia|new species|rbcL|COI-5P|China   
Received: 2020-06-08   Revised: 2020-07-14
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