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Qi LIU, Nini CUI, Jia FENG, Junping L�, Fangru NAN, Xudong LIU, Shulian XIE, John Patrick KOCIOLEK. Gomphonema Ehrenberg species from the Yuntai Mountains, Henan Province, China[J]. Journal of Oceanology and Limnology, 2021, 39(3): 1042-1062

Gomphonema Ehrenberg species from the Yuntai Mountains, Henan Province, China

Qi LIU1, Nini CUI1, Jia FENG1, Junping L�1, Fangru NAN1, Xudong LIU1, Shulian XIE1, John Patrick KOCIOLEK2
1 School of Life Science, Shanxi University, Taiyuan 030006, China;
2 Museum of Natural History and Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Colorado, UCB 218, Boulder CO 80309, USA
We report on eight species of the freshwater diatom genus Gomphonema from aquatic habitats from the Yuntai Mountains of Henan Province, China. This work represents the first detailed descriptions of the freshwater diatoms from this centrally-located province in China. Of the eight taxa considered, five are new to science and another is given a “cf.” designation. Four of the eight species are similar in morphological features to other, “classical” species, with external areolar occlusions forming C-shaped openings. Another species is astigmate, and has distinct siliceous papillae located marginally on the exterior of the valves; this morphology has not been recognized previously for the genus. Two of the species have internal areolar and stigma occlusions. The diversity of morphological types of species in Gomphonema may relate to the ecosystems, with more diverse ecosystems harboring greater diversity of these morphological groups of Gomphonema.
Key words:    Gomphonema|new species|Bacillariophyceae|morphology|diatoms   
Received: 2020-02-26   Revised: 2020-04-17
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